Santelife International Hospital | Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

24/7 Emergency Services

Our Cardiology Department provides 24/7 emergency services, coronary intensive care unit, and inpatient services.

Hospital Conditions are Crucial

The conditions of the hospital are very important for the health of both pregnant mothers and newborns.

An Extraordinary Responsibility

Nursing is a healthcare-based profession as well as an extraordinary responsibility taken for humanity.

Quick Response

We provide care to our patients, who should be monitored at close intervals, in line with a set of procedures.

A Holistic Approach

About Us

A Holistic Approach

We look upon value creation and growth by a holistic approach that involves people, ideas, technology, and the environment. We have a long-term perspective on the management of our hospital.

Our Vision

State-of-the-Art Technology and Academic Values

To continuously improve the quality health services, we provide an up-to-date technology and our medical staff who care about academic values and our competent employees based on patient and employee satisfaction and maintain our reputation in the health sector.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Academic Values
Sensitivity and Responsibility

Our Philosophy

Sensitivity and Responsibility

Santelife works sensitively and responsibly for its patients and their families, its guests, employees, managers, and the entire society.

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